How to Get to Seljavallalaug: My Favorite Secret of South Iceland


Tremendous Times

How to Get to Seljavallalaug

I was about ready to give up and walk back to the car.

It was snowing — like a lot — and I was stepping into piles of it that sometimes went all the way up to my knees. I’d stupidly forgotten to grab my water bottle from the car and I wasn’t even sure we were headed in the right direction. It was cold, the skies were grey, but I was sweating from the hike and was certain I’d get sick from a chill. It felt like we’d been trekking for nearly a half hour, and there still wasn’t a sign of any pool.

And just as I was about to suggest to my dude that we seriously consider turning around, it appeared behind a large, jutting rock in the distance: Seljavallalaug.

Up until that point, I’d seen so many pictures of Seljavallalaug, Iceland’s oldest swimming pool that you can still visit and swim…

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‘I was there’ – My time on the Docks, Part 1

A Sense of Place

JV Part One25A guest post from blog reader John Viggars today.

A couple of weeks ago when photographer Tricia Porter graciously let me publish her 1970s ‘South Docks’ collection on here, one of the first comments on Twitter came from regular blog reader John Viggars who immediately said that most magical of all historical story phrases ‘I was there.’ He went on to mention he had some photos of his own from his days sailing in and out of our dying South Docks.

Naturally I asked him if he’d like to do a guest post on here. And here it is. Or rather here’s the first of two. This one mainly about the South Docks, Part 2, about the North, to come soon. With minimal interventions and editing from me. This is the real thing, unadulterated Liverpool history. A long read but a great one. Over to you John.

“Like Ronnie I…

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If You Buy a Harry Potter Engagement Ring You Are Probably Awesome

The Belle Jar

A brief response to Kelly Conaboy’s post on Gawker, “If You Buy a Harry Potter Engagement Ring You Should Not Get Married“:

1. There are some very excellent reasons that people should not get married. They include such things as “the couple is too young to legally marry,” or “the couple believes marriage is an outdated patriarchal institution based on the premise that women are property,” or, especially, “the couple does not wish to get married.” However, nowhere on that list of reasons why two loving, consenting adults should not marry is “because they both like Harry Potter-themed jewellery.” No matter what your opinion of the oeuvre of J.K. Rowling, the fact that two grown-ass people who love each other also love her books does not mean they are somehow too immature to wed.

2. How about just being happy that people who share the same passions and interests…

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